This week is about saying goodbye to the blogging challenge. I have wrote 10 posts and 2 poems, I need to write my 3rd poem before I’m to late. I have received 5 comments for this blogging challenge. One of the posts that received 2 comments is the one that I wrote about animal abuse. I think that I got those comments is because I wrote a well written post. My second one that I got 2 comments is I wrote about my favorites. As I said for my 1st one that I told you about, I wrote a well written post.

I really enjoyed writing about animal abuse because it was really sad and it meant something to me when I wrote it. I didn’t change my blog theme because I wanted to keep it simple, I didn’t want to got to crazy with the whole thing. I have 3 widgets on my blog. 3 widgets is just right because it’s not to many and not to little. I do not have any over seas students.

I grew over the course of this year as a blogger because I learned and met so many people over this blogging challenge. I did so many great posts, well I thought I did really good posts but I don’t know if others think that to. This is the link that you can see all the blogs we were supposed to complete. And this was my last blog about saying goodbye to the blogging challenge.


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Letter Poem

Dear Ice Cream,

Your really good at making my bad days go away

You make me have a smile on my face

When I’m sad

When I feel unwanted

When I feel used

You are very sweet to my stomach

I want to say thank you, for warming my heart


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Poem #1

Bump. Set, Spike

Volleyball is life

The other team serves it straight at me

Down and ready I go to make a flawless pass

My setter sets the ball with perfect aim and

I hit it past the blockers

The ball hits the floor right in the corner

We won, onto the next game


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Where would I want to go?

I have been to many places because I travel a lot for volleyball. My family and I have been to Hawaii three times, Florida a lot I can’t keep track, and California same as Florida a lot. I travel the most during summer. We go to the coast and other places. Where would I want to go? I would love to go to Paris to see all the cool monuments.

I am going to California when school gets out. I have been there a couple times and I love it so much, it is so beautiful there. I love the sand, sand is my favorite part, I love the feeling on my feet. During summer I am hoping that we go to Hawaii, that place is so amazing I love it so much. I also want to go to LA. I have not been there yet. I want to go there so bad.

When I go to Paris I want to go to the Eiffel tower. Well obviously everyone who goes to Paris is going to the Eiffel tower. I want to go to somewhere that is warm and fun, plus having a pool is always fun too. Most of the time it is really hot in the summer in most places. It is hard to go a lot of places that is hot because I have really bad allergies and there is a lot of pollen everywhere. That is most of the places I want to go. Click here to look at the top places to go for vacations.



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Count to three!

This weeks blog is about count to three game. I picked three blogs to notice and talk about what I liked about there blog. My first one I picked was Diana’s blog. She wrote about her favorites and did a very good job writing 3 paragraphs and even more than that. She also did good on describing what her favorites are. She also added a link which is one of the requirements.

Another great blog is Ashley’s, she wrote about her favorites too. Her favorite tv show when she was younger. She added a picture, a link and more than 3 paragraphs. I like her blog because she did a really good job following all the requirements. She also said what episodes were her favorite and described them very nicely.

My last choice was Emma’s blog, she wrote a poem. Her words that she used for that poem fit the topic. she wrote about the 4th of July and one of her poem lines was “color flashes over of the horizon, the boom, boom of each flash drifts away”. I really like that line because it draws a picture in your head the way poems are suppose to be. And that is my blog for the count to three game.



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Ancient Board Games

Mancala is a game that is over 1300 years old. In the 17th century it was recorded being played by merchants in England. USA has a larger population of playing this game. The game was originated in another part of Africa, it was later introduced to Egypt. Mancala has been found in Serbia, Greece and in southern Germany. This game must have been played in some centuries before us. Click here to learn more about this game.

Chess is a great game that is over 1500 years old. Chess was invented in the 6th century A.D. The objective of the game is to keep your king safe from the other players pieces. This game is very easy to set up, there is 32 pieces and 16 on each players side. Here is a link to how to set the game up and how to play.

Checkers is my last game that I am going to talk about. It was invented in the 12th century in France. The rules are that there are two players, the objective is to get to the other side and getting crowned without the other player jumping you. You have to move the pieces diagonally from one square to the other. When the other player jumps over you they take that piece off the board. Here is a link to learn more about checkers.



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My favorites

For week 5 you have to talk about your favorites. One of my favorites is sports, my favorite sport is volleyball. I play club volleyball that is a lot of money. You have to try out if your doing a club sport. This weekend I have a power league. Power leagues are when you have to keep doing really good and you will move up in your bracket. My team is #1 in our pool, plus we won our bracket.

My second favorite is about my favorite color. My favorite color is coral and a light blue, like a tropical beach. I picked those colors because I have been to hawaii a bunch of times and love all the colors that are in the tropical theme. I am going to paint my room anytime now, but I am super busy with my sports and traveling that I do. Those colors have been my favorite color since forever. Those are my favorite colors for you.

For the third favorite topic I am going to write about my favorite(s) animal. I have two favorite animals, my first all time favorite is an elephant. I like the elephant because the are so cute when they are babies! Plus they are even cuter when they grow up and play with there little babies. My second favorite is a monkey. I like them because it’s funny when they eat the bananas off the trees and plus they are super cool how they swing from tree to tree. And that is the end of my favorites blog.



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United Nations

In week 4 we are supposed to write about an event that we have or we are taking part of. I choose to do the United Nations. We are going to on April 9th, 10th and 11th. We will be going and having a meeting there, plus meeting other people from other schools that are taking part in this event as well. I think it will be fun plus we will get to learn about the United Nations. We are also going to going to lunch at Subway and Roaring Rapids. This was about week 4, let’s join Globally. Hope you liked my post about the United Nations trip.




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One day I was on the coast and was laying on the cold rocks looking at the sunset. Suddenly all went wrong, the rocks started moving everywhere the ground was rumbling and then I started running. I had no clue what was happening, the ground started shaking harder. Then it clicked, it was a earthquake. I went back to the car and drove away as fast as I could from the earthquake. When I got home I was so scared it started breaking everything in my house and I didn’t know what to do. I layed on the floor covered my ears and waited…

I fell asleep, it was over. Thank goodness! Was anyone injured? There was glass everywhere. My door wasn’t there anymore, I looked outside there was trees everywhere on the ground and peoples houses were destroyed. I turned around to look at my house and there was a tree on top of it. I couldn’t go back in my house or else I might get crushed and die, I don’t want that to happen. Where am I suppose to go? My car got smashed by a tree so that is not a option. I guess I will just start walking and see where that takes me… What happens next?



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